• The Trustees manage the Trust’s investments to provide an income in order to support the maintenance of the building and financially support both youth groups and individuals within the catchment area.
  • The Trust provides rent-free rooms for use to clubs and organisations.
  • A large number of local organisations, some with over 150 members apply and are approved for a grant each year.
  • Hundreds of individuals are also supported by the Trust to persue educational, recreational, sporting, cultural and artistic ambitions.
  • There are a number of University bursaries available each year.
  • Start-up grant for young people’s clubs and organisations can also be given.

The articles of the Trust require that it be administered by up to 20 Trustees.  The Trustees form various committees to look after the buildings, investments, publicity and distribution of grants.

The aim is to attract Trustees with the appropriate skills to effectively and professionally carry the benefits forward, indefinitely.

If you think you may be interested in becoming a Trustee, please contact us.